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Château de Chenonceaux, France. Built 1400s.

Château de Chenonceaux, France. Built 1400s.

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I can barely get out of bed, let alone eat and function around people. This is so hard. fuck.

Another Year by Animals as Leaders

Stations are all alike; it doesn’t matter if the lights cannot illuminate beyond their blurred halo, all of this is a setting you know by heart, with the odor of train that lingers even after all the trains have left, the special odor of stations after the last train has left. The lights of the station and the sentences you are reading seem to have the job of dissolving more than of indicating the things that surface from a veil of darkness and fog. I have landed in this station tonight for the first time in my life, entering and leaving this bar, moving from the odor of the platform to the odor of wet sawdust in the toilets, all mixed in a single odor which is that of waiting, the odor of telephone booths when all you can do is reclaim your tokens because the number called has shown no signs of life.
If on a winter’s night a traveler by Italo Calvino

August 13th, 2014: last night the skies opened up ‘round 1:00am. Buckets of water falling, they say about a foot and more out East. Northern and Southern States rendered impassable. Today will be a day to drink Constant Comment and listen to Dvořák Symphony No. 8 and work on mastering. A necessary day.

My square, tiny, childhood bedroom feels bare without the contents of your bright Vera Bradley travel bags spewed all over the floor. Like nomads, I met you in Ithaca and we traveled to New York City and then to Long Island. You made a home in mine for a week and it felt like we had a home to ourselves. From Fire Island to New York City, I took mental snapshots of our adventures and created ones in my mind of a life together here. I walk West on 38th street after waving to you on the bus and the sidewalk feels lonely without you by my side. 


An awesome dinner and mutha fuckin MINI GOLF.